This article highlights the limitations, challenges and shortcomings with snowflake technology


Snowflake is undoubtedly one of the leading data warehouse technologies and provides multiple benefits over its traditional counterparts. I already covered the benefits in one of my articles.

In this article I am going to capture the other side of it — Limitations, challenges and shortcomings of Snowflake.

No On-premise Option

Snowflake is…

Microservices is an architecture pattern that is realized through a set of patterns and technologies. This article sets the foundation for our series which helps in understanding each of these patterns along with their sample implementations. Our exercise-driven learning series is based on Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and the related technologies.

Before we jump into the world of Microservices, let's spend some time understanding the fundamentals. As it involves, a multitude of technologies, it's easy to lose track. If you think, you are already aware of the fundamentals, associated patterns, and frameworks, you can skip it and move to the series…

In this article, we are going to understand the fundamentals of Centralized Configuration Service based on Spring Cloud Config. We will do the sample implementation based on Spring Boot & Spring Cloud.

Spring Cloud Config is one of the Spring Cloud Projects. This is directly mapped to one of the important patterns of Microservice Architecture — Centralized Configuration Service. This provides the means to centralize and manage the externalized configurations across different applications/services in a distributed system.

We will walk through this…

In this article, we will try to understand the fundamentals of Spring Cloud Gateway which represents one of the most important patterns in the Microservices Architecture — API Gateway. We will create sample implementations based on Spring Boot & Spring Cloud Gateway. This is the fifth part of our Spring Boot Microservices series.

API Gateway

Spring Cloud Gateway provides a library to build an API Gateway. This is the preferred gateway implementation provided by Spring Cloud. It's built with Spring 5, Spring Boot 2, and Project Reactor.

To understand the offerings of Spring Cloud Gateway we must understand the API Gateway pattern in detail. Let's…

In this article, we will learn the fundamentals of one of the must pattern in the Microservices world — Circuit Breaker. We will do the sample implementation based on Spring Boot, Spring Cloud & Resilience4j. This is the sixth part of our Spring Boot Microservices series.

What is Circuit Breaker?

As the name suggests, the pattern derives its inspiration from the electrical switches, which are designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage, caused by excess current from an overload.

When a particular microservice or resource is not responding, this pattern helps in registering the fault, switching off the communication…

The article talks about the automated table design feature of AWS Redshift which takes care of data distribution for efficient storage, retrieval and fast processing

Data Distribution in Redshift

A typical redshift cluster has multiple nodes and slices where the data is distributed. When the query is executed, the query execution plan determines what data blocks need to be located to best run the query.

Then the data is physically moved, or redistributed. And it all happens in parallel…

The article talks the whereabouts of amazon(aws) redshift machine learning module which enables the analysts to run advanced analytics through it

Machine Learning & AWS Sagemaker

Machine learning is not the new term today. It’s used for multiple use cases where trends are intelligently identified hidden in the large datasets.

There are many steps involved in the process. Amazon Sagemaker provides a comprehensive set of purpose-built tools for every step of ML development, including labeling, data…

Amazon Redshift is a fast, easy to use, cost-effective, peta-byte level, cloud based data warehousing solution. In this course we will understand the features of Redshift in a step-by-step way with an end to end perspective.

AWS Redshift?

What is redshift? Well…here is the definition provided by AWS for it.

Amazon redshift is an enterprise-level, petabyte scale, fully managed, data warehousing service.

At a first glance, it looks a very simple definition but believe me, each of the words has quite a depth in itself.

Data Warehousing —…

In this article, I am capturing the redshift security aspects from the perspective of protecting data at rest.


Redshift is one of the fastest, cost-effective and highly scalable data warehousing solutions. As its hosted on cloud, we need to push the organization data to an external environment. To ensure the data, sitting externally, is protected against the hacker attacks, we must keep our application and data secured with…

In this article, I am capturing the redshift features which help in integrating with the data lake. We will discuss Redshift Spectrum and UNLOAD features of Redshift along with their sample implementations.


Amazon Redshift is one of the most popular cloud-based data warehousing systems today. It's easy to onboard, easy to scale, and easy to manage. But that's not all. It's equally easy to integrate the data with the data lake as well.

As we already know the data lake keeps raw…

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