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  • Andrej Karpathy

    Andrej Karpathy

    I like to train deep neural nets on large datasets.

  • Kevin L. Miller

    Kevin L. Miller

    Founder at Privaceum, blockchain enthusiast, inventor, attorney, author, and Microsoft veteran with 25 years of experience in software architecture/development

  • Gökhan Yalcuk

    Gökhan Yalcuk

    ️ ⚡Do You Need Help To Learn Earning Online With Your Contents? ⚡ I Earn 4 Figures/Month as Side Income in 1 Hour/Day. Let Me Show You Here: ⚡

  • Ali Çağatay Kuru

    Ali Çağatay Kuru

    Tech Entrepreneur / Enterprise Telco / Wannabe Cloud Solutions Architect/ Computer Scientist

  • Mickey Mellen

    Mickey Mellen

    I’m a cofounder of @GreenMellen, and I’m into WordPress, blogging and seo. Love my two girls, gadgets, Google Earth, and I try to run when I can.

  • Werner Vogels

    Werner Vogels

    is an engineer, architect, scientist, programmer, data analyst, evangelist, disruptor, investor, mentor, advisor, debater, father, biker and CTO @

  • Docker


    Docker provides an integrated technology suite that enables development and IT operations teams to build, ship, and run distributed applications anywhere.

  • Google Cloud

    Google Cloud

    Helping developers build what’s next with visionary cloud tools and infrastructure, applications, maps and devices.

  • Mohammad Shoeb

    Mohammad Shoeb

    Technical Architect (Full stack dev — React, Angular, .NET)

  • Tim Burns

    Tim Burns

    Analytics and Data Science Leader. See my blog My opinions are my own.

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